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Nipol® BR

Polybutadiene rubber from Zeon - Nipol® BR - features excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature properties and heat ageing characteristics as well as high rebound resilience. There are two types of Nipol® BR: high-cis and Low-cis BR with different levels of cis-1,4 content. When combined with other rubbers such as natural rubber, SBR or NBR, Nipol® BR provides and improves low temperature performance and other characteristics, while almost maintaining each rubber’s unique properties. Nipol® BR is widely used in a variety of products like tires, footwear and anti-vibration parts.



High Cis Polybutadiene 43 Non-staining

Auto tires, bicycle tires, aircraft tires, tire treads, camelback, conveyor belts, V-belt, packings, seals, footwear, coated fabrics, molded and extruded mechanical goods.


Low Cis Polybutadiene 50 Non-staining