Whistleblower system

As a company, ZEON is convinced that sustainable business is based on ethical, fair, and honest conduct. Respect for law and legislation is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture. As part of our business activities, we take integrity and fair conduct within the company and with regard to our contractual partners very seriously.

ZEON has set up a whistleblower system to investigate reports of violations of applicable law and company guidelines fairly and appropriately. The whistleblower system enables employees and external whistleblowers to report violations worldwide and around the clock. The ZEON whistleblower system is an important part of safeguarding our corporate values and beliefs and serves to detect and remedy potential abuse and misconduct.

You can access the whistleblower system via the following link:


Whistleblowers who report possible violations based on concrete evidence are protected. Any information received will be treated confidentially and whistleblowers acting in good faith will be protected by all necessary means against any disadvantages resulting from a report. Reports can also be made completely anonymously, provided this is legally permissible. The persons in charge of the whistleblower system guarantee impartial action, are independent, are not bound by instructions and are obliged to maintain confidentiality.