Zeon products, Synthetic rubber + latex

Curatives and Additives

for ACM and ECO

In order to assist customers with the compounding and processing of ACM and ECO, Zeon offers a line of curatives, retarders, antidegradants, and adhesive promoters. These products are specifically designed to achieve the best processing and heat resistance that the ACM have to offer. For the ECO triazine compound (Zisnet-FET) is best suitable as an alternative for the traditional lead-containing curing system, whereas Zeonet PB and Hydrin PX boost the ECO adhesion to other polymers like FKM or NBR in a multilayer elastomer construction like fuel hose.

Grade Relative Density Chemical name Elastomer Special properties/applications
HyTemp® NS70 1,03 Sodium Stearate Dispersion ACM Standard cure agent for HyTemp® 4050, 4060, and AR70 series (70% active).
HyTemp® NPC50 1,03 Quaternary Ammonium Compound ACM Non-post-cure agent used with HyTemp® 4050, and 4060 series (50% active).
HyTemp® SC75 1,03 Amine Cure Package ACM Fast-cure package for HyTemp® 4050 and 4060 series (75% active).
HyTemp® SR50 1,03 Proprietary Urea Compound ACM Retarder used with HyTemp® 4050 and 4060 series (50% active).
HyTemp® HR200 N/A Proprietary Antioxidant Package ACM,
Antioxidant package used for the retention of air-aged tensile strength in HT-ACM hose compounds.
Zisnet® F-ET 1,56 Triazine Compound ACM, ECO A general-purpose curative for polyepichlorohydrin and polyacrylate rubber, used in place of ETU in Hydrin® compounds. Zisnet® F-ET gives improved heat resistance, less mould fouling and reduced toxicity. Oil-treated to reduce dusting.
Hydrin® PX N/A Proprietary Bonding Agent ECO, others An adhesion promoter for peroxide cured Hydrin® compounds to aid in bonding to FKM, polyamide, also other rubber compounds.
Zeonet® PB N/A Proprietary Phosphonium Compound ECO, others A universal adhesion promoter for specialty rubber compounds.