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Nipol® IR

Nipol® IR is a Polyisoprene rubber with high cis-1,4 content using Ziegler-Natta catalyst. Nipol® IR is known for its molecular structure and properties that are nearly identical to natural rubber. Nipol® IR features extremely stable quality and is widely used in diverse industrial products, such as tires and belts, as a synthetic rubber alternative replacing natural rubber.

2200 Cis-1,4 Polyisoprene 82 Non-staining Auto tires, bicycles tires, aircraft tires, camelback, conveyor belts, V-belt, packings, seals, footwears, rubber thread, coated fabrics, and other extruded and molded mechanical goods. Nipol IR-2200 can be blended with other rubbers such as NR, SBR and BR, etc., and is applicable to transparent and light color products.
2200L Cis-1,4 Polyisoprene 70 Non-staining IR-2200L is a low Mooney grade of IR-2200