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Growing Requirements for Elastomers in Oilfield Applications

Paul Ruscoe (Zeon) writes in the current issue of the European Rubber Journal about the ever-growing demands on polymer materials and shows a collaborative and innovative approach to address the specific challenges of suppliers to the oil and gas industry.

Elastomer materials have to meet growing requirements in a wide variety of oilfield applications. From Packers to Stators and various Sealing components, Elastomers perform a host of critical functions topside and downhole. The demands on polymeric materials are continually increasing. For example, they must allow for increasing temperatures, higher pressures and resist more severe chemical environments. There is also the need and desire to improve the quality, efficiency and longevity of production components. The appropriate choice of Elastomer and correct formulation therefore becomes more and more important. The trend seen is towards project specific developments and close collaboration with Oil & Gas companies in order to meet changing and more complex challenges. Read more about that in the current issue of the European Rubber Journal or on the Zeon-website.

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