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Polyacrylate elastomers (ACM) are well known in the automotive industry for their excellent resistance to lubricating oils and greases. Trend in recent times has been to continue to reduce the exhaust emissions generated by automotive vehicles. Car manufacturers have adopted new technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), particulate filters and other methods to comply with increasingly restrictive emission regulations. This has resulted in the need for improved performance of elastomeric seals and gaskets in these lubricants and other automotive fluids as they become more contaminated during service life with acidic and basic condensates and alcohol containing fuels etc. Higher operating temperatures have also resulted in the development of more aggressive automotive fluids and lubricants, further necessitating the use of specialty elastomers combining both heat and fluid resistance. These increasing demands on elastomeric sealing components has led Zeon to research and develop the first of a new range of HyTemp ACM elastomers able to more resist these aggressive engine lubricants and fluids. This paper will describe this development, introduce the first elastomer in this range, HyTemp DP5238 (development product name), and demonstrate how ACM elastomers continue to undergo continuous development for enhanced performance to meet the ever increasing demands of the automotive industry. Read more in the current Issue of the GAK https://www.gupta-verlag.com/magazines/gak-gummi-fasern-kunststoffe 


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