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KHK Technical Rubber Fall Colloquium presentation

KHK Technical Rubber Fall Colloquium Presentation

On November 22nd – 24th, the KHK Technical Rubber Fall Colloquium took place in Hannover. The conference was organized by the well-known German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) to highlight the latest and most important scientific concepts and advanced processing techniques in rubber and polymer science and technology. Experts from all over the world gave keynote presentations. The conference was fully booked-out and the over 300 participants used the opportunity for scientific discussions and knowledge exchange to listen to the over 80 presentations given by industrial experts and researchers.
Dr. Björn Nelson – Technical Service Chemist of Zeon Europe GmbH - presented the recent progress in the development of High Performance Zetpol compounding: “High Performance HNBR (Zetpol®): New Opportunities for Sealing Applications – Improvements in Compression Set, Long Term Aging and Processability” High-Performance Zetpol, developed by ZEON, is a new hydrogenated nitrile rubber based on next-generation technology. The presentation covered the recent advances in HP-Zetpol compounding technology, that provides compounds with lower viscosity and excellent scorch safety, which greatly improves processing performance. HP-Zetpol contains a unique polymer architecture and a specific cure site monomer in the polymer chain to provide greatly improved compression set resistance compared to conventional peroxide-cured HNBR. The improvement in compression set resistance is magnified over longer aging times - especially in thin cross-sectioned articles such as O-rings, seals and gaskets. In addition, it further improves on the unique outstanding long term compression set resistance properties, as well as improved long term aging properties – in air, oil and other automotive service fluids.

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