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ZEON Europe participates at the trade fair within the DKT 2015/IRC 2015, presentation by Peter Abraham, High temperature ACM

New HT-ACM Polymer at the Technical Conference of the DKT/IRC 2015

Peter Abraham, Zeon Europe Technical Service Manager, presented a new HT-ACM Polymer at the Technical Conference of the DKT/IRC 2015 held at at Nuremberg from June 29th to July 2nd. The detailed technical presentation discussed the trend in recent times of continual reduction in the exhaust emissions generated by automotive vehicles and that car manufacturers have adopted new technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), particulate filters and others methods to comply with increasingly restrictive emission regulations. This has resulted in the need for improved performance of elastomeric seals and gaskets in these lubricants and other automotive fluids as they become more contaminated during service life with acidic and basic condensates and alcohol containing fuels etc. Higher operating temperatures has also resulted in the development of more aggressive automotive fluids and lubricants, further necessitating the use of specialty elastomers combining both heat and fluid resistance. These increasing demands on elastomeric sealing components has led Zeon to research and develop a new HT-ACM elastomer more able to resist these aggressive engine lubricants and fluids. The presentation described these developments and was well received with many enquiries for samples of the new polymer received from many interested customers. The polymer (Commercial name to be decided) is due to launch into the market in Q3 2015 and will be produced at one of Zeon's Northamerican production sites.

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