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NIPOL® Nitrile Elastomers

Out now! New brochure – Nipol® NBR Elastomers for Specialty Applications

NIPOL® Nitrile Elastomers are recommended when oil or solvent resistance is needed for proper functioning of rubber parts. Nipol nitrile elastomers are available in a broad range of acrylonitrile content to ensure optimal performance in a variety of conditions. As acrylonitrile content is increased, fuel, oil, and solvent resistance improves. As acrylonitrile (ACN) content decreases, low-temperature flexibility and resiliency are improved. To obtain a broad spectrum of hardness values and other essential properties, Nipol nitrile elastomers can be blended to achieve optimal performance. Nipol nitrile elastomers offer the best balance of performance and cost for the most demanding oil, heat, and chemical applications, and are available in powder, crumb, liquid, and bale forms. Nipol nitrile elastomers are especially suitable for thermoplastics and thermoset modification and are also used as additives in coatings and adhesives.
Zeon has issued a new brochure that elaborates the specialty NBR grades.
If you need more information, contact our sales organization at Zeon Europa.

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