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Pirelli Award for Zeon
Pirelli Award for Zeon

Zeon among top Pirelli suppliers

On September 8th, 2017 Pirelli & C. SpA conferred the Pirelli Supplier Award to reward the strong performances of its suppliers in a ceremony which took place at their headquarters in Milan.

Pirelli’s Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera, as well as Pirelli’s Head of Purchasing Pier Luigi de Cancellis handed out the prizes to the suppliers who have shone for innovation, quality, efficiency and sustainability but also for delivering on time, quality to the supply chain or end product.

Four out of the nine prizes were awarded to suppliers of raw materials and Zeon is very proud to be one of the winners. The award recognizes Zeon excellent service (problem solving and flexibility), outstanding technical support and moreover innovation and high-quality products.

As stated during the ceremony, the quality of the final product is largely determined by the quality of the raw materials. The composition of the material substantially affects the safety level and the performance of the tyres. 46% of Pirelli’s total expenditure goes towards primary materials. It is therefore not surprising that four of the nine prizes were awarded to suppliers of primary materials.

Furthermore Pierluigi de Cancellis, Director of Purchasing at Pirelli, declared: “To maintain the high standard of quality that has always characterized our business reality, it is crucial for us to have first-class raw materials, services and systems for production, in compliance with the strict sustainability rules we have assigned to you. With this goal, Pirelli promotes a constant search for the best suppliers on a global scale, subject to constant verification."

This award does not only honor the quality of Zeon’s strategical products but also the exceptionally good development partnership between the two companies. Zeon looks forward to continued cooperation.

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