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ZEON presentation at the 8th VDI Conference

The VDI organised the Knowledge Forum of 13th/14th December as part of the 2017 VDI Conference, entitled “Variable transmissions, 2017”, the sector's point of encounter for experts in the field of chain- and belt-drive technology. Chains and belts are currently undergoing a process of continuous development, thanks to the use of new materials and coatings. Global objectives include a sustainable increase in the product life cycle and a minimising of performance loss and wear and tear.  The specialist conference, held in the town of Nürtingen near Stuttgart in Germany, was attended by some 100 experts from industry and the corresponding world of research. High-profile speakers used the VDI conference to deliver practical reports and technical contributions, often resulting in lively discussions. The presentation by Dr Björn Nelson, Sales Representative  of Zeon Europe, gave an account of hydrogenated nitrile rubber used in belt applications. Dr Nelson vividly described the excellent material properties of high-performance HNBR belts specially developed by Zeon, and their resistance to the fluids used in the automotive sector. If we have aroused your interest, we will be pleased to send you product information on HNBR. Please do not hesitate to call or contact us.

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