Multi-Material Adhesive

Development Products LS/LS-XU

Zeon's Cyclo-Olefin Polymer multi-material adhesive is a sheet based, amorphous thermoplastic with a unique polymer microstructure and excellent heat, moisture and impact resistance. The combination of high strength and ductility make it a great choice for applications where joining dissimilar materials is required.

Handling & Storage

  • Sheet form (samples available)
  • Transparent, amorphous, thermoplastic
  • Tg = 123°C
  • Stored at room remperature & humidity

Strength & Flexibility

Stress-strain curve for LS multi-material adhesive

  • High impact strength (IZOD Impact, no break)
  • High energy absorption with excellent combination of strength & ductility

Shear bond strength with multiple difficult-to-bond substrates

  • No primer required
  • Excellent bonding strength with PP, PP-GF, PA6-GF & PBT-GF materials

Durability, Heat & Moisture Resistance

Property Method Results
Heat Cycle Between -40 and 80°C, 500 cycles No degradation in shear bond strength after 500 cycles
Heat Resistance 100°C, 2000hr Exposure No degradation in shear bond strength after 2000 hrs
Hydrolysis Moisture & Heat
85°C & 85%
50°C & 95%
Not hydrolytic, no degradation of shear bond & peel strength after 2000hrs (see figure)
Water Resistance Absorption Rate, ASTM D570,
20°C, 24 hrs

High adhesion properties for Multi Material

Can be bonded to organic and inorganic materials and difficult-to-bond materials (PP, etc.).

Tensile Shear Adhesion Strength (MPa)


  • BIW
  • Roof to BIW
  • Pillar & bumper reinforcement
  • Battery case
  • Glasses with sensor, roof
Wind Turbines
  • Blade assembly bonding
  • Structural bonding of panels & stringers
eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft)
  • Structural body
  • Propeller
  • Interior
  • Glass façade bonding
  • Structural glazing


  • High Durability
    Reliability for life of vehicle
  • High Elongation & Adhesion Strength
    Noise & vibration impact
  • Adhesion to PP-GF/PBT-GF/PA-GF
    Plastics adhesion, recycling system (PP)
  • End-of-life recycling
    Easy to disassemble (thermoplastic)


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