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The tyre industry is one of Zeon’s main market segments and our leading unique technology in functionalized S-SBR and Li-BR are well known and have been utilized as one of the key factors contributing to the latest development of ultra-high performance passanger car tyres. Zeon also produce hydrocarbon resins, which are an essential part in modern tyre compounding technology.  In addition to the standard functions of hydrocarbon resins as tackifier and softener, which are necessary for compound processability, Zeon’s specialized resins also help improve other tyre performance metrics, such as wet grip, tip resistance, chip-chunk resistance, and anti-crack behavior.

The optimization of the balance among rolling resistance, wet or snow grip, as well as durability or abrasion resistance is the ever-challenging predominant subjects in the development of the modern eco tyres, especially without sacrificing the ability to produce the tyres efficiently and economically. We are continuously innovating our technologies that support compounders worldwide to find solutions for the future of tyres.  

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