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ZEON battery binders have earned an excellent reputation for their various applications in products such as mobile phones, tablets, notebook PCs, and automobiles, as well as for industrial uses. They feature high flexibility, strong binding, tremendous heat resistance, excellent longevity at high temperatures, outstanding discharge behavior at low temperatures, and high adhesion to the copper foil.

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In response to market demands for higher capacity lithium-ion batteries, we have been accelerating our R&D efforts – and developed several binders whose heat resistance and tensile strength improve a battery's longevity, offer a higher capacity, and give more safety. With its water-based manufacturing process, our cathode binder can furthermore be manufactured in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. ZEON's sealant also contributes to the safety of batteries at high temperatures.

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Anode Binder (Water-based)
Cathode Binder (Water-based)
Functional Layer

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