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The oil field presents a most demanding and diverse group of applications for elastomers. Elastomeric materials in oil field service play major roles in protecting workers, equipment, and the environment as well as enhancing drilling and zone isolation to maximize well production. From blow-out preventers (BOP) designed to seal off the well from potentially destructive pressures to down-hole packers used to isolate zones for further evaluation. ZEON Chemicals offers performance proven elastomers and technical support that continue to meet the stringent requirements of the oil drilling industry.


Several key elastomeric components for oil drilling are detailed in this section. Each component serves a very unique and specific function and the service environments encompass a broad range of conditions. Please refer to the specific component section for a detailed description of the application requirements.

Applications / Environments:


Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance, also referred to as Explosive Decompression (ED), is a failure mechanism of elastomer seals and other oilfield components which is due to the rapid decompression of various gasses.

When elastomers are exposed to high-pressure gas at elevated temperatures for a prolonged period of time, the gas absorbs into the polymer compound. When the external pressure is reduced (Spontaneously or gradually), the gas dissolved within the material comes out to form micro bubbles. As the gas expands, it permeates out of the material. However, if the rate of decompression and expansion is high, the trapped gas within the component expands beyond the materials ability to contain the gas bubbles, causing cracks and tears within the elastomeric component.

There are various methods / standards for evaluating the RGD resistance of elastomer compounds. Specifications such as Norsok M710 Revision 2 and ISO 23936-2 are well known test procedures used within the Oil & Gas Industry.

Zeon have developed a number of compounds that meet the highest ‘0000’ rating for RGD resistance to both the Norsok M710-2 and ISO 23936-2 Specifications. Please ask a Zeon representative for further information about RGD resistant compounds.

Some background on Zeoforte ZSC

Zetpol HNBR and Zeoforte ZSC have been used successfully in various oilfield & Gas applications for many years. The use of ZSC in elastomer compounds is growing rapidly particularly in the Oil & Gas Sector due its unique physical properties.

Zeoforte® is an elastomeric alloy developed by ZEON that has superior mechanical properties, which enables elastomeric parts produced with Zeoforte® to continue to perform in rigorous applications where other parts fail.

ZEON’s Zetpol® Hydrogenated Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) is used as the starting material for the production of Zeoforte®. The polymer undergoes ZEON’s proprietary dispersion process to produce the final product. The result is a high temperature resistant elastomeric alloy material. Ultra-high tensile strength, superior abrasion resistance, excellent dynamic properties (flex fatigue & heat build-up) and exceptional Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance are characteristics of Zeoforte®.

Zeoforte® based compounds show high hardness, high strength and high tear resistance as well as exceptional abrasion resistance. These compounds show relatively low viscosity when compared to highly filled compounds which provides improved processing for manufacturers.

Zeoforte® compounds can be formulated with high or low Acrylonitrile grades of Zetpol® HNBR which allow for improved fluid resistance or improved performance at low temperatures.

Zeoforte® can be found in many different applications such as automotive timing belts, industrial drive belts, industrial rollers and off-shore applications. It has become one of the materials of choice in the Oil & Gas Industry for oil field packer seals, stators, pigs and plugs. Basically anywhere where a high hardness, tough elastomeric part is needed, but low viscosity is required for improved production processing.

A number of Zeoforte® & Zetpol® HNBR compounds have been formulated by ZEON to achieve outstanding Rapid Gas Decompression resistance. These compounds have been tested by Element Laboratory in the UK and have passed the Norsok M710 standard for Rapid Decompression Resistance.

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