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Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME) is a new hydrophobic ether solvent which was established out of ZEON’s unique synthetic technology and C5 raw materials.

CPME has unique excellent properties and is widely applicable as a replacement for Tetrahydrofuran (THF), Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE), Dioxane and other existing solvents:

  • High Hydrophobicity: easy separation and recovery from water, reducing emissions and waste water. Wide applicability as a reaction, extraction and crystallization solvent, giving simple one-pot syntheses.
  • Wide Liquidity Range: wide applications from lower to higher temperature, accelerating reaction rate.
  • Low Heat of Vaporization: Saving energy for distillation and recovery.
  • Low Peroxide Formation: Low exothermic decomposition energy of the peroxide.
  • Narrow Explosion Area
  • Stable to Acids and Bases
  • Easy Drying



ZEORORA® is an environmentally friendly, new generation HFC, developed for a variety of applications to meet customers’ requirements offering good solubility on precision cleaning and good solubility for fluorocarbon polymer with functional group: anti-fingerprint; water/oil-repellent; lubrication.


  • “ZERO” ozone depletion potential
  • Short atmospheric lifetime and minimal Global Warming Potentials (GWP)
  • Non flammable
  • Chemically stable
  • Thermally stable
  • Easy-to-use boiling point (82.5°C)
  • Good Solubility with various solvents
  • Azeotrope with alcohols and hydrocarbons
  • Low toxicity

Low Running Cost:

  • Easy to recycle
  • High recovery rate
  • Stable quality
  • Low Emission

ZEON pharmaceutical intermediates, synthetic materials, industrial chemicals

Starting from our unique C5 fractions, ZEON provides various 5-membered ring compounds such as Cyclopentene, Cyclopentanone, and those derivatives that are widely used for chemical synthesis, intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, solvents, cleaning agents as an alternative solvent of CFC/HCFC, and urethane foaming agents.


Product nameFormulaMolecularStructureCAS No.Characteristics
Zeonsolve® HP
C5H10 70.1 287-92-3 Purity Min. 95%,
Boiling point 49.3°C,
low toxity solvent, cleaning solvent
Cyclopentene C5H8 68.1 142-29-0 Purity Min. 95%,
Boiling point 44°C


Product nameFormulaMolecular
StructureCAS No.Characteristics
Cyclopentanol C5H10O 86.1 96-41-3 Purity Min. 98%,
Boiling point 139–140°C
3-Hexyn-1-ol C6H10O 98.1 CH3CH2C=
1002-28-4 Purity Min. 97%,
Boiling point 63–64°C/16hPa
2-Pentyn-1-ol C5H8O 84.1 CH3CH2C=
6261-22-9 Purity Min. 98%,
Boiling point:

5-membered Ketones

Product nameFormulaMolecular
StructureCAS No.Characteristics
Cyclopentanone C5H8O 84.1 120-92-3 Purity Min. 99%,
Boiling point 130–131°C
good solubility

Halo Compounds

Product nameFormulaMolecular
StructureCAS No.Characteristics
Cyclopentylchloride C5H9Cl 104.6 930-28-9 Purity Min. 98%,
Boiling point 114°C